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Europe, leader in the hydrogen race

UE flag Europe has a clear objective, to achieve the climate goals set in the Paris agreement, the path, to reduce greenhouse gases until their elimination in 2050.

Last Wednesday it was known that the European Union has taken the lead in the race to use hydrogen as a non-polluting source of energy. It is expected that in the next decade, 45% of the investments in this field will be made in the territory of the continent.
Of the 228 hydrogen-related projects announced globally, 126, more than half, will be carried out in European Union territories. "Stable political commitment allows the industry to have the confidence to act," said the director of the Hydrogen Council.
The 300 billion dollars budgeted for the development of hydrogen, barely represent 1.4% of total investments in the energy sector, but it is estimated that the percentage will grow in the coming years. In Spain, for example, 38 hydropower plants are planned to start up before 2025.

Source: Euractiv.