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BiALAC Proyect, circular economy.

Logo Bialac Abakal, in conjunction with Emalcsa– the municipal water company of La Coruña – and the companies Innolact and Ecoplas with the collaboration of the A Coruña University are working on the development of a new biopolymer from whey from industries in the area and urban sludge from Galician treatment plants, in the framework of the BiALAC project.

In 2019, the biochemical tests and the project of the different phases of the pilot plant were completed to achieve the transformation of the fatty acids of these by-products into biodegradable bioplastics. Once this laboratory phase was completed, the construction of a pilot plant that incorporates this process was completed in 2019 in order to increase the production of these bioplastics and assess their availability on an industrial scale.

The different possible configurations of the pilot plants are currently being tested and conclusions are being drawn for the real-scale implementation of an efficient bio-plastic production plant. The bio-polymers obtained have application as plastic materials from renewable and sustainable sources that in a short time will be of mandatory use in the food industry.

In conclusion, the BiALAC project will allow industries to give added value to the by-products of their production and to reuse waste from treatment plants. With this system, food companies will be able to be at the forefront in terms of circular economy policy in relation to by-products and raw materials in their packaging.