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App for calculating Beams on Android

Foto del punto de retorno del caz Our colleague Luis Nieto, has developed in ABAKAL a free application for calculating beams on Android devices.

This program facilitates the calculation of bending, shear and deflection moments in a beam of constant section in a very simple way.
To do this we will have to indicate the length of our beam and add its supports. Once this is done, we can add the moments and loads, both punctual and distributed, to which the beam is subjected. The distributed loads can be uniform, trapezoidal or triangular, depending on the value that we indicate at the ends.
Once our beam is configured, the application will carry out the necessary calculations and prepare a report with the values of moments, shear and deflection. We can export this report in csv format to be able to consult it in a spreadsheet on our computer. In the application we can quickly consult the specific values of each magnitude simply by moving your finger through the diagrams.

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App Manual.

Calculation example