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ABAKAL Specialists in the drafting of draft legalization of spills

According to current disposal regulations, wastewater from industries and commercial activities must meet minimum requirements before being disposed of in municipal sewage collectors.
Each Government has its own legislation regarding discharges and this regulation is complemented by the municipal ordinances of each municipality. In the case of the Community of Madrid, it is included in the Decree 57/2005 of June 30 Ley sobre vertidos líquidos industriales al sistema integral de saneamiento(BOCM nº 159, July 6, 2005).

As specialists, Abakal can advise you without obligation on the current legal situation of your discharge and draw up your Project for the Legalization of Discharges, carrying out all the necessary steps in front of the competent authority to process the discharge permit.
In addition, Abakal offers advice on the configuration of the treatment equipment, obtaining which is the most advisable to minimize the investment in compliance with the legislation.

Decree 57/2005.