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ABAKAL Develops the engineering and works management in the waste valuation center in As Somozas, GALICIA (SOLOGAS)

Photo WWTP As Somozas

ABAKAL is in charge of the construction management of the SOLOGAS project. As a waste recovery center, it will have a composting plant, an WWTP for 1,000 m3/d, as well as with two biodigesters with the capacity to treat up to 55,000 T of sludge generating about 2 MW.
In addition, a new system for loading and crushing solids has been arranged, directly from the unloading of the sludge and biomass trucks.
The plant has a sectorized reception, classification and storage system for liquid waste, with a capacity of more than 1,500 m3.
It has a 30,000 m3/year acid water treatment and conditioning facility and a hazardous liquid waste evaporator with a capacity of 37,000 m3/year. The energy of the evaporator is obtained from the biogas of the biodigesters. The objective of the plant is the minimization of waste output and the conversion of all inputs into reusable valued products, such as fertilizers, energy or ammonium sulfate.
Among the main functions that ABAKAL develops in the SOLOGAS project are:

  • Coordination between the main suppliers, ensuring a correct implementation of the various technologies.
  • Detailed engineering of the works
  • Compliance with environmental requirements.
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